Rebecca is a creative force expressing her talent as a singer, songwriter, composer, painter and voice actor.  Her path has flowed easily through several genres - classical, musical theater, pop, jazz - while her spiritual journey has led her to share her inspirational songs in many communities.  She believes, "When I  really surrender to a song while performing or writing, something larger than me takes over and I feel I'm doing my highest work."

Rebecca's love of jazz led her to produce a collection of much loved standards, and her original Miles that hits right to the heart, soulfully delivered.  The creation of her inspirational CD, Always, allowed her to share some of her heartfelt originals, and some long time spiritual favorites.  Her interpretation is passionate, reflective, uplifting and comforting.  You know that all is well
in her vocal presence.

​Her first choral piece was debuted at Santa Rosa's Center for Spiritual Living's popular Christmas Eve concert.  Rebecca's composition and arranging skills were met with joy and gratitude of those in attendance. 

​Rebecca was formerly a member of the Agape International Choir, and she has traveled the U.S. sharing her music.  Her theater training lends to her versatility as a voice actor as well, and cements her stage presence as she moves comfortably from the recording studio to stages in large or intimate venues. 

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